Cookie Decorating Supplies: The Beginner Guide

This is a list of all the things I MUST have in front of me before I start to decorate cookies! When I first started decorating cookies I could not find a precise list of what I needed to invest in to get started. So thats the aim of this list, to give you a view of the tools you need to get started in cookieing

1. The baked cookies! 

This one is straight forward but you do need to bake cookies that will keep their shape, bake evenly, and give you a good surface to decorate. If you need a cookie recipe for rolled sugar cookies, checkout my sugar cookie recipe + guide.

2. Royal icing, thats been dyed and bagged. 

This one is straightforward as well, you'll need royal icing that has been dyed to the right colors and diluted to the correct consistencies. If this is something you are needing help with, pleaseee join "The Cookie List" for details on our upcoming Royal Icing guide!  

3. Cookie Scribes

I have been known to call cookie scribes "glorified toothpicks". But in all reality this is one tool I cannot sit down to decorate without. I use cookie scribes to help me move my flood icing, to help settle my icing, pop air bubbles.

In addition I like to sit a small jar with a bit of water by my decorating station. I use this water to clean my scribe after each use. (This is incredibly helpful, since royal icing dries so quickly).

4. Cookie Turn Table

A cookie turn table is helpful when outlining and flooding cookies. I especially find it helpful when I have to flood multiple areas of a cookie and need to adjust the angle with which I access each section.

6. Boo Boo Sticks

Okay, I have decorated cookies without this tool, but once I discovered these boo boo sticks they became an immediate must have! Every now and then I need to redo an outline or remove a layer of icing and it is so easy with this tool.

7. Mini Projector

Want to take your cookies to the next level? A projector is a must. I have owned two AKASO mini projectors and have loved them! I love that I can charge them and use them at the same time. And I can connect my iPad, iPhone, or Mac to the projector via airplay making it so convenient to project my designs onto my cookies.

8. Overhead Mount Stand

If you're going to project an image onto your cookie then you will need a stand to mount your projector overhead. I have used both of these mounts and can say that they both serve their purpose! With the Arkon having more mobility and much more durability over time.

9. Edible Ink Pens

There are details that are just better added in with an edible pen. This is a must have for any watercolor designs you may have, or for writing on mini cookies.

10. Brush 

This set of brushes includes a good amount of tools for adding texture to your designs. Brushes are a must for a brushed icing effect or for any water color designs.


What other supply lists would you like to see?? 


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